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Friday 23rd March 2018
Friday 23rd March 2018
18:00 - 20:30
1 day/night
Chakra Fine Arts & Gifts
  Pafos Pafos
Georgiou Christoforou, Paphos, Cyprus
Not Available
“A rich fusion of Kundalini Meditation with Shamanic Consciousness, Kundalini Yoga, Chakradance & Yoga Nidra –
The Rhythm for your Soul, Body and Mind”

15 Euros - Reserve your Space.
It's Yoga o'clock at Chakra Fine Arts & Events again! At 18:00 on Friday 23rd March an exclusive Yoga & Meditation Workshop will take place at Chakra Gallery, combining a rich fusion of: Kundalini Meditation & Shamanic Consciousness, Kundalini Yoga, Chakradance and Yoga Nidra. Join us in a beautiful traditional setting in Old Town Paphos with Ayurvedic Tea to follow.

...with qualified Yoga teacher and therapist, Roxana Tismanaru
Roxana holds an Indian Certification and welcomes open discussion and knowledge-sharing at her sessions. Everyone welcome!

“Awaken your senses,
Come as you are,
Start your new year,
Sharing & Creating Magic,
Embrace your Unique Spirit…”
Roxana T

At 20:00 when the workshop ends, everyone is welcome to join us in the candle-lit Secret Garden & Sanctuary, for a special, cozy inside – cinema - video projection, delicious, fragrant Ayurvedic tea and high energy. Cushions, comfort and unity are what it’s all about!

15 Euros per person

Kundalini Yoga [18:00-19:15]
The journey begins with a Kundalini Yoga Class designed to enhance your spiritual experience through meditation, mantra, pranayama and asanas (yoga poses).

Chakradance [19:15-19:30]
Then comes the fusion of the Chakradance where you will use spontaneous dance, creativity and imagination to ‘let go’ and discover something new and refreshing about your own self.

Yoga Nidra [19:30-20:00]
Ending your journey with a Yoga Nidra guided sleep meditation to bring you the ultimate relaxation will put you into a content state of sheer happiness.

See you there,
Namaste x