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Sunday 17th September 2017
Sunday 17th September 2017
11:00 - 17:00
1 day/night
Paphos festival, Paphos rural festival Statos village
  Pafos Statos
E606, Cyprus
Not Available
The tradition of celebrating this year in Paphos
In the footsteps of tradition ... and this year we will walk in Statos-Agios Photios village in Paphos, where they organized the Rural Festival Statos - St. Photios on Sunday 18th September (from 11.00. Until late afternoon).

On the 18th of September you are all in the Rural Festival static-St. Photios. The Statos-Ag community. Photios with both allantopoieia, with four wineries, and 6 craft manufacturing Soutzoukos and sweets, expects to accommodate us in a green and idyllic landscape full of walnut, apple and cherry.

The purpose of the Rural our Festival is to enable all residents and expatriates to the development, progress and the promotion of community, purpose for which it is working hard the Development and Cultural Association of the community with the assistance and the Community Council.

During the festival we will treat the kiosks will be set up for viewing of our traditional products, making our markets atytochrona of the traditional crafts of the village. Yet we see firsthand how manufacturing trachana the vouttima soutzouko, distillation zivania, manufacture halloumi and curd. It taste cookies with epsima, kattimerka, bread, tsamarella, apples, Resi.
He noted especially that all products will be available for sale.

On the 20th of the month even relax and have fun with the artistic program that includes traditional Cypriot dances and songs. For the little ones there is a playground with inflatable, clowns, and other surprises.
The looks will attract this year the creation of farm animals and the demonstration of traditional and modern farming tools.

The aim of the organizers of the rural festival is to bring young and close to the tradition by keeping them away from anything that fills their daily lives with anxiety and unnecessary problems. Especially nowadays where globalization threatens both our sensitive hometown with outlandish alien customs and habits, such events are a real cultural oasis to be a milestone for all those who want to take the lead keeping our tradition alive and flourishing.
"The young generation expects from all of us who love our country to the show the right path. Let's drive safely marching in the footsteps of tradition ...".

paphos festival