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Cultural - Traditional
Saturday 22nd April 2017
Saturday 22nd April 2017
20:00 - 22:00
1 day/night
Technopolis 20
  Pafos Pafos
Nikolaou I. Nikolaidi Ave, Paphos, Cyprus
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The Organisation of the European Capital of Culture Paphos2017, invites you to the performance entitled “Out of the skin”, that will take place on Saturday, 22nd of April 2017, at 8pm at the Cultural Centre “Technopolis 20” in Paphos.

The performance “Out of the skin” is the result of a series of educational workshops that will take place the week before the event, where a group of artists, dancers and special instructors from Cyprus, Palestine, Slovenia and Finland have selected 16 teenagers from various schools in Cyprus who coexist and engage in collective creations, turning their experiences into artworks. Upon completion of the programme the result will be presented, in the form of a performing arts production by the participants themselves.

Participants will have the opportunity to actively learn about different art forms, such as dance and theatre and finally, they will create their own performance themselves, passing throughout the full creative process of production. Participants, with the help of experienced professionals will become creators, producers, artists and performers.

The participants will gain experiences that will act as raw material for further research, analysis, action and finally, for a more active engagement with the arts. The obstacle of the lack of communication between ethnic communities is being overcome to answer the questions: Why is art important? What is the role of artists in society? How can an artist influence artistic processes and how can the parameters of art production inspire further practices? The audience will have the opportunity to find out these answers through the final performance.

The project aims to promote the diversity and creativity of each one of the participants and of the Paphos’ society itself, with the vision to create a positive atmosphere of inclusion and of a common cohabitation, regardless of colour, race, religion, attitudes and beliefs.

As part of the programme "World Travellers’", the project represents a significant co-creation at the crossroads of three continents, a neutral meeting place - a mosaic where everyone is equal, where everyone is alike and at the same time different, where everyone highlights their common European identity and the beauty of diversity.
Instructors: Lili M. Rampre (Slovenia), Katja Mustonen (Finland), George Pillas (Cyprus), Mohammed Awwad (Palestine), Euripides Dikaios (Cyprus), Erica Charalambous (Cyprus).

Artistic direction: Erica Charalambous

Sponsor: Domino’s Pizza

Free Entrance
Technopolis 20, 18 Nikolaou Nikolaidi, Paphos, 70002420, www.technopolis20.com

Biographies of the artists - trainers:
Lili M. Rampre (Slovenia): she holds a BS in Physics and a master on Contemporary Dance Education (MACoDE from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt - 2012). In the past she has been supported by various venues and programs such as: Nomad Dance Academy, ReRc (Centre Choreographique National de Montpellier - WILD CARD Jardin d’Europe), Mousonturm Frankfurt, ID Frankfurt, Modul dance artist in residence 2013/2014, Hessische Theaterakademie, Pact Zollverein Essen, tanzrecherche – Kultursekretariat NRW, Akademie der Künste der Welt Köln and Tanzhaus NRW, cooproducer of her last piece and venue of various formats in which Lili is actively engaged.

Katja Mustonen (Finland): a dancer, teacher and dance maker, who currently works and lives as a nomad. She graduated from the Vocational Dance School in Outukumpu, Finland in 2004 and holds an MA degree in Contemporary Dance Education (MACoDE from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt). Since 2008, she teaches Contemporary Dance Technique, Improvisation and Contact Improvisation internationally. Katja is curious about the states of presence and the body’s ability to transform, embody and transmit images into knowledge and emotions. Recently she’s been interested in joining photography, video and text among other interdisciplinary approaches into her work.

Georgios Pillas (Cyprus, USA): Georgios started his dance training at the age of 10, with Greek folk and Latin dances. He studied at the Fontys Dance Academy, Netherlands and simultaneously, he travelled to Barcelona, Paris and Brussels participating in dance workshops, festivals and shows. While traveling he studied with legendary dance instructors and choreographers such as Brian Green, Ejoe Wilson, Mr Wiggles, Iveta Lukosiute, Gherman Mustuc. Georgios relocated to New York City to continue his training at Broadway Dance Center through the International Student Visa Program and graduated in 2010. He has performed with the Greek Culture Center of New York, Pratt University, Arthur Murray Dance Studios, HBO Studios etc. He also competes in professional dance competitions and became champion in Hustle Dance 2015.

Mohammed Awwad (Palestine, Cyprus): a freelance theatre artist, involved in local and international artistic projects related to cultures, genders and ethnicities. Awwad started his theatre training from a joint program by Kulturskolan Theatre (Sweden) and Ashtar Theatre (Palestine). He holds an MA in Drama and Theatre Education, The University of Warwick (UK). He performed, wrote, directed, and co-directed more than 30 plays, in Palestine, Arab world, Europe and Asia. Mohammed co-founded three theatre companies in Palestine. He toured as a scholar, coach, director and performer in more than 12 countries. In 2008, he became the Artistic Director of the Diyar Dance Theater for Diyar Consortium in Bethlehem. There he designed several programs and workshops, including: Theatre and movement, Theatre of the Oppressed, Creativity through Art, Identity and Conflict Resolution. Awwad was also selected as Head of the Department of Drama at Dar- Kalima College in Bethlehem. Additionally, he worked on TV Educational spots focusing on Human Rights Awareness.

Evripides Dikaios (Cyprus): he graduated with honors from the Middlesex University (MFA Theatre Directing, Chevening Scholar), where he studied Stanislavsky and Industrial Methodology (GITIS, Moscow) and Performing Arts and Culture (ISI Bali, Indonesia). He studied directing and acting (Theatre of Changes, Athens), folk music (Philippos Nakas Conservatory, Athens) and chemistry (University of Nottingham, BSc Chemistry). This period, his main directing works is related to drama, writing, adaption of texts and the use of the modern Cypriot dialect in theatre as a serious means of expression. Evripides founded the “Paraplevros Productions” to promote independent artistic creativity in Cyprus and was a founding member also of the artspace Wherehaus 612.

Erica Charalambous (Cyprus): artist and cultural activist. Her passion lies in the fusion of art and science, drama and cognitive neuro-aesthetics which plays a key role in her work, as an Artist and a cultural operator in the field of Creative Process, Arts management and Cultural Diplomacy. During and after her MA degree in Contemporary Dance Education (MACoDE from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt) she received and won various grants and fellowships in prestigious Art institutions and Cultural organizations such as CND-Paris, BIDE-Barcelona, BOOM Festival- Portugal, Luxembourg ECoC-2007, Frankfurt Lab, PACT Zollverein Berlin, Ruhr 2010 ECoC etc. Erica was part of the European Capital of Culture - Pafos2017 Artistic team that won the Paphos bid, and held the position of Community Involvement and Development Officer of the ECoC – Pafos2017, while today she continues to cooperate with the Organisation of Pafos2017, being the artistic director of two major dance projects, part of the official programme of the ECoC – Pafos2017.

Pafos 2017

The title of the European Capital of Culture in 2017 has led to a high quality programme which is now being implemented with great optimism, passion and vision.

The launching of Pafos 2017 European Cpatital of Culture and more importantly the programme as a whole is considered more as a starting point and not as an arrival.

Hosting the biggest European cultural initiative is a great honour for our small city of Pafos as well as a huge responsibility and prospect. After going through troubled waters, Pafos is now on a course for progress and growth. The European Capital of ...