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Monday 29th May 2017
Monday 29th May 2017
19:00 - 20:00
1 day/night
Archaeological Park (The Mosaics) Paphos
  Pafos Kato Pafos
Apostolou Pavlou Ave, Paphos, Cyprus
Free entrance
Pafos2017 presents
Monday 29 May 7pm
Archaeological Park (The Mosaics) Paphos
Tickets: Free entrance
Inauguration: Monday 29 May 7pm.
Duration: 29 May – 21 August.
Operating Hours: 8.30am – 5pm.
An exhibition that shows that… “Music is the ‘sound’ evidence
of the common roots of European cultures”. Music can reveal
facts about ancient civilizations, since it has created a network
of relationships and points of contact among us long before we
became aware of our common identity in Europe. The exhibition,
which includes multimedia features and interactive installations
with the use of 3D technology, allows the visitor to admire and
fully experience the astonishing world of the ancient musical
instruments and the amazing journey through time and space,
beginning from the origins of European musical tradition. The
exhibition, which tours Europe, stops in Paphos this summer. The
mosaics of the Roman music scenes depicted here, were the
inspiration for the exhibition in Cyprus. A guided tour of the
exhibition will take place on the evening of the inauguration,
as well as music event with instruments – reconstructions of the
corresponding ancient instruments.
Directions: The Mosaics are at the entrance to Paphos Harbour.
Information: Tel: 26932017. Email: info@pafos2017.eu.