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Food - Drink
Monday 31st August 2015
Monday 07th September 2015
09:00 - 22:00
8 days/nights
The Black Velvet cafe/taverna/juice bar (200m from the new Paphos mall on the Tombs of the Kings road in Paphos.)
  Pafos Tombs of the Kings
Not Available
Healthy Eating & Drinking week at the Black Velvet in Paphos

Dates: Monday 31st August until Monday 7th September

Opening times: Every day from 9am until late

Location: The Black Velvet cafe/taverna/juice bar (200m from the new Paphos mall on the Tombs of the Kings road in Paphos.)

Click here to see a map to find The Black Velvet http://media.wix.com/ugd/32f1f5_07e9a5606ca94fb0b90cb23a422d29f7.pdf


FRESHLY SQUEEZED JUICES - Drink here or take away.

Please note: All our juices are freshly squeezed when you order them, to give optimum health and taste.

Choose from:
Orange juice €3 - Large 300ml
Carrot juice €3 - Large 300ml
Apple juice €3 - Large 300ml
Pineapple juice €3.95 - Large 300ml
Detox juice Orange, carrot and ginger €3.50 - Large 300ml
Green juices €3.50 - Large 300ml
Mixed juices - Orange, apple, carrot juice or pineapple €3 - Large 300ml

SMOOTHIES - Drink here or take away.

Choose from:
Orange €4.50 - Large 300ml
Banana €4.50 - Large 300ml
Pineapple €4.50 - Large 300ml
Melon €4.50 - Large 300ml
Orange & banana €4.50 - Large 300ml
Orange & apple €4.50 - Large 300ml
Orange & pineapple €4.50 - Large 300ml
Pineapple & banana €4.50 - Large 300ml
Detox (Cucumber, banana, lemon & ginger) €4.50 - Large 300ml
Green (Green apple, cucumber, lettuce, celery & banana) €4.50 - Large 300ml

• A wide range of healthy herbal teas will be available €2

Healthy meals & snacks available to eat here or take away

V = Vegetarian

• (v) 3 large homemade vegetable spring rolls with sweet chilli dip €4.50
• (v) 3 large homemade shrimp spring rolls with sweet chilli dip €5.95
• (v) Salads - various fillings (main meals) €7.95
• (v) Spinach and fetta cheese pie with salad €7.95
• (v) Vegetarian stuffed Cyprus vine leaves with salad €7.95
• (v) Lasagna (vegetarian) with salad or chips €9.95
• (v) moussaka (vegetarian) with salad or chips €9.95
• (v) Fresh mixed vegetables with noodles, 2 large vegetable spring rolls with dip €9.95
• (v) Fresh mixed vegetable curry with Basmati rice €7.95

• Spicy Adobo Chicken Philippine specialty with Basmati rice €9.95
• BBQ spare ribs in a thick bbq sauce with Basmati rice or salad €9.95
• Lasagna with salad or chips €9.95

Have a healthy, happy day

I look forward to meeting you
Kind regards

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