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Wednesday 02nd September 2015
Wednesday 02nd September 2015
11:00 - 22:00
1 day/night
The Black Velvet cafe/taverna/juice bar (200m from the new Paphos mall on the Tombs of the Kings road in Paphos.)
  Pafos Tombs of the Kings
Not Available
Weekly Mind, Body & Spirit, Paphos, Cyprus open days

Date: Every Wednesday from 11am until 10pm

Date: Every Sunday from 9.30am until 3pm

Entrance fee: FREE

Location: The Black Velvet cafe/taverna/juice bar (200m from the new Paphos mall on the Tombs of the Kings road in Paphos.)
Click here to see a map to find The Black Velvet http://media.wix.com/ugd/32f1f5_07e9a5606ca94fb0b90cb23a422d29f7.pdf

Mind, Body & Spirit, Paphos, Cyprus weekly open day every Wednesday for locals and tourists, with the intention to promote spirituality, alternative health treatments, meditation, wellness, healthy eating and healthy drinking.

The day will be also for like minded people to sit and chat and make new friends.

*Tracy from Netherton Jewellery will have a stall selling Jewellery (Rings, necklaces, bracelets, key rings etc.)

*There will be stalls selling books, astrology forecasts etc.

• Ingrid will offer a range of all natural holistic body and face products
Ingrid will be at the event between 12 noon and 3 pm.


These are some of the treatments and therapies available on the day:


Reflexology 10 minutes €5


Back, neck and head massage 10 minutes €5


Facial massage 15 minutes €5


• Indian head massage 10 minutes €5


• Head massage 10 minutes €5


• Reiki healing 10 minutes €5


• Onnetsu treatment 15 minutes €10


• Natural nail manicures €5 and eyebrows €5


• Photis a local astrologer will be giving astrological readings in English or Greek for 10 minutes for €10


* Electronic acupuncture
€15 for 30 minutes Body or face area - electronic acupuncture lymphatic treatment


*FULL foot spa and scrub treatments. The feet are first cleaned and then the treatment is done with water, oils, betadine and salt. €15 for 1 hour


*Facials 1 hour for €30


Glitter tattoo or face painting €3


Taster therapies and treatments many to still be announced !!!

• Talks and promotions will be on throughout the day.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to do a talk or promote you product or do your therapies on the day, please contact me
Email: spiritualnetworkcyprus@gmail.com
Michael mobile: 99447312

Please read this !!!

Hi if you have any unwanted toys, colouring books, pens, pencils etc. Please bring them to our collection point at the Black Velvet they will be given to children in need.

Items can be dropped off any time between 9am until 10pm
For more information call Michael 99447312



FRESHLY SQUEEZED JUICES - Drink here or take away.

Please note: All our juices are freshly squeezed when you order them, to give optimum health and taste.

Choose from:
Orange juice €3 - Large 300ml
Carrot juice €3 - Large 300ml
Apple juice €3 - Large 300ml
Pineapple juice €3.95 - Large 300ml
Detox juice Orange, carrot and ginger €3.50 - Large 300ml
Green juices €3.50 - Large 300ml
Mixed juices - Orange, apple, carrot juice or pineapple €3 - Large 300ml

SMOOTHIES - Drink here or take away.

Choose from:
Orange €4.50 - Large 300ml
Banana €4.50 - Large 300ml
Pineapple €4.50 - Large 300ml
Melon €4.50 - Large 300ml
Orange & banana €4.50 - Large 300ml
Orange & apple €4.50 - Large 300ml
Orange & pineapple €4.50 - Large 300ml
Pineapple & banana €4.50 - Large 300ml
Detox (Cucumber, banana, lemon & ginger) €4.50 - Large 300ml
Green (Green apple, cucumber, lettuce, celery & banana) €4.50 - Large 300ml

• A wide range of healthy herbal teas will be available €2

Healthy meals & snacks available to eat here or take away

V = Vegetarian

• (v) 3 large homemade vegetable spring rolls with sweet chilli dip €4.50
• (v) 3 large homemade shrimp spring rolls with sweet chilli dip €5.95
• (v) Salads - various fillings (main meals) €7.95
• (v) Spinach and fetta cheese pie with salad €7.95
• (v) Vegetarian stuffed Cyprus vine leaves with salad €7.95
• (v) Lasagna (vegetarian) with salad or chips €7.95
• (v) moussaka (vegetarian) with salad or chips €7.95
• (v) Fresh mixed vegetables with noodles, 2 large vegetable spring rolls with dip €9.95
• (v) Fresh mixed vegetable curry with Basmati rice €7.95

• Spicy Adobo Chicken Philippine specialty with Basmati rice €9.95
• BBQ spare ribs in a thick bbq sauce with Basmati rice or salad €9.95
• Lasagna with salad or chips €9.95

The day will also be a social day for people to meet each other, share knowledge, share experiences, and network. We will encourage therapists to give their business cards and promote themselves and their workshops.

If anyone would like to bring their own table and sell their products or do any treatments, or do a talk to promote what they do; please contact me as soon as possible mobile 99447312

In unity there is strength

I look forward to meeting you all on Wednesdays and Sundays
Kind regards

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