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Pafos 2017 - Pafos Culture

Cultural Events in Pafos

pafos 2017 pafos culture

Welcome to Pafos,
Welcome to the European Capital of Culture for 2017.

For the next three years our city becomes the official representative of Cypriot culture for the whole of Europe. At the same time, it becomes the city that expresses and reflects European culture all over the world.

For us it is a great honour and at the same time a great responsibility. However, we strongly believe that with forethought and hard work, a great sense of duty and determination, we will accomplish our goals and achieve impressive results.

Besides, the wager for Pafos –and the entire country- is huge. Making the most of this title and based on the Open Air Factory idea: the city can now develop its new image, become –through culture- a bridge of reunification and understanding between Greek and Turkish Cypriots, open new paths for cooperation and coexistence by linking cultures of Europe and the wider region of the Middle East and North Africa, through the process of exchange.

Furthermore, this title – European Capital of Culture- offers to the city of Pafos a great opportunity to improve its economy through its publicity on an international level and its acknowledgment as a quality cultural and tourist destination, to attract new investments, create new positions of employment, develop an open dialogue with society, motivate its citizens, change its vibe and “freshen up” its ideas.

However, the biggest gain, not only for Pafos or Cyprus but for the whole of Europe, is the immediate and multidimensional promotion of our common European culture. It is the opportunity offered by this great institution for the exchange of valuable knowledge and experience between European artists. It is the opportunity offered for personal and creative interaction among European citizens, thereby enhancing the vision of European integration and the creation of a strong and prosperous Europe.

For the next three years, the Cypriot city of Pafos will be the centre of European cultural activity. And in 2017 -together with Aarhus of Denmark- it will become a showcase of contemporary European culture.

Our vision and goal is to make Pafos a European Capital of Culture worthy of the history, the reputation and range of this great institution.

It will be a pleasure to see you in our city,
It will be a pleasure to show you around our own Open Air Factory,
It will be a pleasure to meet you in person.

Dr. Christos G. Patsalides
Organisation Pafos 2017 European Capital of Culture