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List Your Business for FREE

FREE Business Listing Service includes the following:

  1. One web page dedicated to the business
    1. 2 photos of the business
    2. Descriptive text of the business and other relevant fields related to the business
    3. Business Type, Business Category, Business Name, Business Description, Web Address, Email, Telephone, Business Contact Details, Opening Hours, Capacity, District, Locality, Google Map with precise location, Directions, 2 Photos, Business Events.
  2. Event listing of all business events for the duration of the agreement (event listing does not include and additonal advertising of your event in the top banner or side adverts of thebuzzguide.com website)
  3. Each event listing has its own dedicated page
    1. 2 photos
    2. Descriptive text of the event
The provision of information and material for the business and events is the responsibility of Business Owner.

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