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Saturday 18th February 2017
Saturday 18th February 2017
10:00 - 15:00
1 day/night
Departure point – by bus: Pafos2017 Headquarters, 10:00 Tours and Traces, Episkopi Village
  Pafos Pafos
District Administrator's Residence, Paphos, Cyprus
Not Available
Saturday 18th February 2017 Departure point – by bus: Pafos2017 Headquarters, 10:00
Tours and Traces, Episkopi Village
The Community Involvement programme of the Pafos2017 Organisation visits Episkopi village through a different kind of tour. The route follows the traces of history and memory, chooses hidden places as landmarks and explores those that cannot be seen at first glance; those that we do not see during our ordinary excursions in the countryside.The first stop will be the Environmental Information Centre of the village, where a 24 minute film about the village will be screened as well as the ecological and cultural characteristics of the area. Next, we will be given a tour of the famous Episkopi Rock, the so-called “Meteora of Cyprus”. Our next stop is at the Ezousa valley, where there will be a reception by the Community Council of Episkopi village. The President of the Council, Pambos Charalambous, and the Head of the Environmental Centre, Andreas Chrysanthou, will inform us on the valleys and rivers situated around Episkopi, which are full of hidden treasures such as watermills, Venetian bridges, chapels and deserted villages, such as the TurkishCypriot village of Moro nero.
The Tour and Traces project aims to highlight the importance of social responsibility and to underline the need for the protection of cultural heritage, not only by the responsible bodies but by every citizen.
Free entrance

Pafos 2017

The title of the European Capital of Culture in 2017 has led to a high quality programme which is now being implemented with great optimism, passion and vision.

The launching of Pafos 2017 European Cpatital of Culture and more importantly the programme as a whole is considered more as a starting point and not as an arrival.

Hosting the biggest European cultural initiative is a great honour for our small city of Pafos as well as a huge responsibility and prospect. After going through troubled waters, Pafos is now on a course for progress and growth. The European Capital of ...