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Thursday 06th December 2018
Thursday 06th December 2018
19:30 - 22:30
1 day/night
Technopolis 20
  Pafos Pafos
Nikolaou I. Nikolaidi Avenue, Paphos, Cyprus
€ 5
Home for cooperation
Buffer Fringe Festival

The Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival travels for the first time in Paphos, in the context of the new programme Satellite, and in collaboration with Technopolis 20, present on Thursday, 6th of December 2018 at 7:30pm, the performance ‘Home Visits Europe’, that contrasts the abstract idea of Europe with the individuality of a private apartment, with the question ‘How much Europe is in us all?’

Only an audience of twelve people will have the opportunity to watch but also to become part of the performance, which will be hosted in secret venue, in a living room of the house of one of the audience members, in the city centre. There, the political mechanisms of Europe interweave with the personal stories of the participants, exploring a series of questions that touch the concept of Europe.

Home Visit Europe is a performance you can put in your hand luggage - big ideas are rarely presented so intimately. What is Europe actually? Is it a geographic border, a cultural identity, a coalition of states? It is said over and over that Europe is an ever changing idea - too theoretical, as the individual can tell from their own experience.

You can host Home Visit Europe in your own home or be a guest in a stranger's private apartment. Each performance takes place in different homes and so the performance will travel through hundreds of apartments throughout Europe, building a network that rather than growing from a centre, stretches from front door to front door across a continent. For this reason the performance has travel in five continents, 37 cities and hundreds of houses in the world. Until today, it has been presented in Germany, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Portugal, Holland, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Spain, Egypt, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Brazil, USA, Australia.

It is a production of the Rimini Protokoll, which in the autumn of 2017 presented the en-route-performance in the city centre ‘Remote Pafos’, in the framework of the European Capital of Culture Pafos 2017. The Rimini Protokoll have been offering for almost two decades forms of interactive art as a means of exploring social, psychological and political issues. The Berlin-based pioneering, German-Swiss group, which has influenced as little as European theatricals over the last few years, is constantly developing new forms and methods.

Home visits initiated and funded by the Goethe-Institut Cyprus in Nicosia in collaboration with the Home for Cooperation (H4C), in the context of the Weeks of German Language.

Duration: 120’
The address of the venue will be announced the day of the performance, to the audience members only.
Entrance: 5 euro
Reservations are necessary at 70002420 (calls only)