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Friday 01st September 2017
Sunday 03rd September 2017
20:00 - 23:00
3 days/nights
Paphos Castle Square
  Pafos Harbour
Coastal Broadwalk, Paphos, Cyprus
Not Available
Mozart’s The Abduction from the Seraglio (1782) was written at a time during
which cultural and religious prejudices against different cultures and religions had
started to subside and the West was adapting to this reality through fine arts. This
opera of the Enlightenment written in German is in the spirit of the Singspiel and
similar to the French opéra comique. The libretto is based on a play by Christoph
Friedrich Bretzner, and it takes place at the seraglio of the Pasha Selim, where
Belmonte kidnaps Constanza. It is a story of love, courage and forgiveness, and
also a cheerful and hopeful opera in line with the Open Air Factory. With the
participation of Cypriot and foreign artists.