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Saturday 06th May 2017
Saturday 06th May 2017
20:00 - 21:30
1 day/night
Paphos Castle Square
  Pafos Harbour
Coastal Broadwalk, Paphos, Cyprus
Pafos2017 presents
Saturday 6 May 8pm
Paphos Castle Square
Music School of Cyprus
Socrates Terpizis (conductor)
Tickets: €10
Available from: Time Out Kiosk on the corner of Thermopylon
Street and Neapoleas Street, Moutallos, Paphos, and online at
In the European Capital of Culture programme, the term ‘Travellers of the World’ refers to the visitors of Pafos, these being conquerors, travellers and tourists or migrants and refugees that came to Pafos seeking refuge. The history of migration is sealed with a feeling of nostalgia, the pain of separation and the longing of return. All these are expressed in a more direct way through musics and songs from all around the world. These songs of the foreign land/exile, tell the sorrows and desires that mark such a complex (and unfortunately timely) sociopolitical phenomenon such as migration and the refugee problem. In this context, Music Schools of Cyprus sing the stories, the sorrow, the suffering and the feelings of the people that stayed behind, wrapped up in a big farewell. Participating singer Melina Kana is one of the leading voices of Greek music.

Conductor: Socrates Terpizis.

Information: Tel: 26932017. Email: info@pafos2017.eu.