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Wednesday 04th October 2017
Friday 06th October 2017
18:00 - 21:00
3 days/nights
Technopolis 20
  Pafos Pafos
Nikolaou I. Nikolaidi Avenue, Paphos, Cyprus
Not Available
The educational and environmental organizations CARDET and Friends of the Earth Cyprus in collaboration with the cultural center Technopolis 20 are proud to host a Social and Environmental Film Festival in order to spark interest on the idea of Social and Solidarity Economy and Environmental Justice. The campaign will visit all cities in Cyprus starting from Paphos, followed by Limassol, Nicosia, Larnaca and concluding in Famagusta from the beginning of October until the end of November.

The film festival days will start from Wednesday,4/10 to Friday, 6/10 (18:00 - 21:00).

Wednesday, 4th of October
Discussion on "Global Environmental Justice issues", focusing on recent environmental problems in Cyprus, followed by a presentation of innovative positive Social and Solidarity approaches (businesses, regulations, map) in Cyprus and their potential for sustainable change.

Art Event for kids and adults by resident artists from CARAVAN arts and Tesura: An art project that encapsulates the idea of innovative approaches to environmental sustainability and socially beneficial ideals focusing on the three-fold approach 'sensitization', 'recycling' and 'art'. Learn to care about the environment and use the useless objects to make art.

Thursday, 5th of October
Presentation of the novel concept of Social and Solidarity Economy through participant’s selected documentaries (the list of documentaries is written below) on innovative social companies in Europe. Participants will also receive USB drives with the documentaries and reports on Social and Solidarity Economy in Cyprus.

Friday, 6th of October
Screening of the documentary “BEFORE THE FLOOD” followed by discussion on Climate Change and the local impact of this effect in Cyprus.

Documentaries Info:
VIVRE DIGNEMENT DE SA TERRE, Famara Diallo, FRANCE | 2015 | 37’
The story tells about the birth of a short circuit of sustainable products marketed in Senegal. It highlights that it’s possible to create a competitive and economically stable rural business. The movie made us meet and listen to some of the producers of this peasant’s cooperative project. We’ve shared their journeys and experiences, and these producers showed interest in agro ecological techniques to facing the difficulties that today affect family agriculture in Senegal. Live with dignity of his land become possible again...
Famara Diallo is a member of Enda Europe and Enda Pronat, forming part of the same international network, Enda Tiers Monde.

UNLEARNING, Lucio Basadonne and Anna Pollio, ITALY | 2015 | 60’
While meditating on the logics and mechanisms of a relationship e on the sharing of time and space, a family leave its safe zone within the city in search of a life which is more on a human scale. How will they see their old life at the end of the journey? And, most importantly, will they still want it?
Lucio Basadonne, is the factotum for the audio and video recordings of the project Unlearning. Anna Pollio takes care of both the graphic aspect and marketing. Gaia is a 5 years old girl that has shared this experience with her parents.

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE, Orthan Tekeoglu, TURKEY | 2015 | 30’
People living in Turkey's eastern Black Sea region, along with their traditions, unique lifestyle and uncommonly practical solutions for life, mostly take us into either deep thinking or hilarious laughter. Metin Akinci is bored from the city life and cannot resist the temptation of moving back to the village of his childhood. One day, Metin leaves his two adult children and the wife behind and decides to settle in the village of a thousand meters high of Çamlýhemþin. Black sea people make extraordinary things not only on personal but also on communal level. They have uncommon life style and sense of entertainment. They despite the harsh natural conditions in this tough region with their unique creativity and practical solutions bring a different meaning to life.
Orthan Tekeoglu was born in Trabzon, Turkey. He graduated from radio-television of Gazi University and worked in Anadolu News Agency,in Sabah and Milliyet as journalist for 25 years. In 2010 he made his first documentary film, Ifakat, and then his first full-length film, I loved you so much (2013). He has participated in many festivals, including International Istanbul Film Festival.

ET MAINTENANT NOS TERRES, Julien le Net, Benjamin Polle, FRANCE | 2015 | 30’
Et Maintenant Nos Terres, a documentary on the resistance against land grabbing in Africa. Three heroes, three farmers fight to protect their land and their lifestyle, against foreign investors. In Cameroon, Nasako Besingi recovers the project of oil palm plantations by an American investment fund while Emmanuel Elong creates an international alliance of producers in direct negotiation with the French group Bolloré. Resistance takes place in Senegal as well where breeders manage to mobilize international press in their fight against an Italian investor. Everyone refuses to leave their land and strive for another agricultural development model in Africa. A model that already exists! The evidence is in Benin, where the center Songhaï trains hundreds of young Africans every year on organic and local agriculture. The alternatives to industrial agriculture are growing and have been experimented in Africa. Maintenant Nos Terres narrates these experiences.
Benjamin Polle and Julien Le Net are two independent authors and directors, in Africa for observing and living the complexity of agricultural issues in the continent. "Maintenant Nos Terres" is their first documentary.

PALMAS, Edlisa Barbosa Peixoto, BRASIL | 2014 | 56’
In 1973, moved by interests of property speculation, the Prefecture of Fortaleza expropriated 1,500 families from their homes in the coastal area of Fortaleza. These families were transferred to a location without the minimum housing infrastructure, there are more than twelve miles from their place of origin, and initiated an intense movement of claims and struggles. This would be a story like so many scattered throughout Brazil and other parts of the world, were not because of the fact that this community to solve the socio-economic problems of its residents, also created its own money, THE PALMS. And a bank: the 1st Community, Popular Bank of Brazil, BANCO.
Edlisa Barbosa was born on 9th February 1972, in Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil. She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Fortaleza, UNIFOR, and she also holds a post graduate degree in Electronics Audiovisual Media from the Federal University of Ceara . In 2005 she has her first documentary project “Palmas para eles”. “Palmas” is her first long documentary, produced with a prize obtained from the IX VI Edition Ceara de Cinema e Video.

“BEFORE THE FLOOD”, 2016| 96 minutes
Friends of the Earth Cyprus are inviting you to the National Geographic documentary screening of "Before the Flood". Leonardo DiCaprio and Fishers Steven show the world the facts and impacts of Climate change.
Acknowledgements: This event is funded by the European Union project: Social and Solidarity Economy as an alternative Development Approach. The movies were provided by our Italian partner COSPE which runs the International Film Festival “Terra di Tutti.”

For more information:
Technopolis 20 – 70002420
CARDET- 22002109 (theocharis.michail@cardet.org) and FOE 25347042 (contact@foecyprus.org)