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Friday 12th February 2016
Friday 12th February 2016
19:30 - 22:30
1 day/night
Technopolis 20
  Pafos Pafos
Nikolaou I. Nikolaidi Ave, Paphos, Cyprus
The presentation of the “Joint Dictionary of Greek Cypriot & Turkish Cypriot Dialect”, written by Iakovos Hadjipieris and Orhan Kabatas, will take place at Technopolis 20 on Friday, February 12, at 19:30.

Coordinator of the evening will be the actor, Antreas Nikolaidis and the following speeches will take place:
- “For the writing process of the Dictionary - For the essential value of the Language Science - For the relationship Language– Thought”
Dr Antreas Antzoulis, Phd Philosophy – Theory of Literature, MA Theory of Literature
- “Words to speak”
Georgia Nathanail, Psychologist specialised in Psychoanalysis
- “Take my word”
Michalis Hadjipieris, Football coach and poet
- Iakovos Hadjipieris, Tuskologist, Author of the Dictionary

During the presentation, a ten minute film by Michael Lambrianides will be screened. A humorous description of the process of writing and publishing the Joint Dictionary of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot Dialect. An open discussion will follow.

This dictionary presents 3425 mutual words between the g/c and t/c dialect. 1840 words appear from the Turkish to the Greek Cypriot dialect and 840 words from the Greek to the Turkish Cypriot dialect. Additionally, 510 Turkish words are also used in Common Modern Greek, while 355 words have entered the dialect from other languages.

The various linguistic borrowings, gathered in the dictionary, show not only the rich vocabulary, but also the ability of language to overcome any differences between the two communities and to become one of the strongest foundations for achieving peace in Cyprus. Also, the product of this research confirms the common finding of all civilized people, that language is the most important - cohesive bond between people who may be have different religious or ethnic differences.
The dictionary has already attracted the scientific community’s interest in Cyprus’ (University of Cyprus, Open University of Cyprus) and Greece’s public universities (University of Patras).

Free Entrance. Information at 70002420. The presentation will be in Greek.