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Thursday 29th September 2016
Thursday 29th September 2016
20:30 - 22:30
1 day/night
Kato Vrysi Geroskipou
  Pafos Geroskipou
Archiepiskopou Kyprianou, Yeroskipou, Cyprus
The Travelling Stage makes its next stop and presents the common elements between the people and the music of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.
Zohar Fresco, composer and world renowned percussion musician, who dedicated a part of his career to the sounds of Tof Miriam percussions, a type of percussion that appeared in the Middle East thousands οf years ago. Nowadays, he is one of the most significant musicians in the world scene, inspiring and at the same time developing new percussion techniques. Musician Tomer Bay and Mark Mushayev, as well as the great composer and musician Ross Daly and Kelly Thoma, specializing in the music of Cretan lyre, give meaning to the slogan of the European Capital of Culture Pafos2017 “Bridging Continents – Linking Cultures”.
Free Entrance

Kato Vrysi Geroskipou