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Saturday 23rd January 2016
Sunday 24th January 2016
10:00 - 16:00
2 days/nights
Kelefos Bridge - Paphos forest
  Pafos Arminou
Unnamed Road, Cyprus
Aim of the event is to FEEL FREE out in nature and CONNECT with yourself and with nature and connect with the people in the team and challenge yourself. It is a 2 day backpacking and camping event, 1 night covering a distance of 20km carrying a backpack. The scenery of the area is beautiful...:)

It is a free and open event and anyone is welcome to come along...However anyone who comes, comes at their own risk is and responsible for themselves...


Kelefos - Roudias.

Start: 10:00am Saturday @ Kelefos Bridge , Arminou Dam
Finish: Sunday at 15:00pm maximum on Sunday @ Kelefos Bridge , Arminou Dam.

- there will 10 minutes break every 50 minutes.
- locations and times of breaks for rest and lunch will be announced on the day.
- breaks will be changed on the day according to the speed and distance we are covering.

- bring your own water for 36 hours - minimum 3 x 1.5 liters

- each person brings their own food and eats whenever they want.

Recommended minimum Gear:

1. Boots for hiking or walking - NO Athletic Trainers
2. Backpack 45-65 liter capacity
3. Tent light one person or bivi bag
4. Sleeping bag
5. Sleeping mat
6. Torch head lamp
7. waterproof rain jacket or plastic poncho
8. Water: 3 x 1.5 liters = 4.5 liters total
9. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for 36 hours
10. Clothes: 2 pairs underwear, 2 pairs socks, 1 extra pants, 2 extra T-shirts, 2 windproof top, 1 hat, 1 Gloves
11. one pocket knife
12. soap and toiletries
13. eating utensils: spoon, fork, cup, bowel
14. 1 water bottle or camelback
15. toilet paper or baby wipes
16. simple compass
17. personal First Aid kit
18. Whistle
19. Portable Camping Stove (if you need to cook your food)

Location: Kelefos Bridge - Paphos forest