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Saturday 24th June 2017
Saturday 24th June 2017
20:30 - 22:00
1 day/night
  Pafos Pafos
Neas Synoikias, Paphos, Cyprus
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Myths and tales along the divide

What do we know of each other in today’s divided Cyprus? What are the myths and tales that molded and shaped our common past, the multi-form and long-lasting? How are the personal stories and narratives of the present formed by our heritage, upbringing and societal structures?

With the art of theatre as a tool and the power of personal and collective memory, Achim Wieland and Marios Ioannou unfold, with the help of group of people-performers, the yarns of time through a never-ending dialogue, interweaving blurred and indelible memories with untold stories and forgotten myths, unacknowledged guilt and old wrong-doings. Through thematic research, the workshop encourages the participants in an honest and objective ‘soul exchange’, aiming at producing a new perspective from this shared dialogue. A dialogue which will culminate in a theatrical performance full of all the colours of human life.

The performance is in english (with greek, turkish, armenian and maronite text elements)

Direction/Dramaturgy: Achim Wieland, Marios Ioannou
Collaborating Dramaturge: Ellada Evangelou
Director’s Assistants: Izel Seylani, Marianna Vouga
Producer/Project Coordinator: Sossée Eskidjian

With the cooperation and support of the Goethe Institute in Nicosia.

Free entrance

Pafos 2017

The title of the European Capital of Culture in 2017 has led to a high quality programme which is now being implemented with great optimism, passion and vision.

The launching of Pafos 2017 European Cpatital of Culture and more importantly the programme as a whole is considered more as a starting point and not as an arrival.

Hosting the biggest European cultural initiative is a great honour for our small city of Pafos as well as a huge responsibility and prospect. After going through troubled waters, Pafos is now on a course for progress and growth. The European Capital of ...