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Wednesday 12th October 2016
Wednesday 12th October 2016
20:30 - 22:30
1 day/night
  Pafos Pafos
Andrea Vlami, Paphos, Cyprus
€12, €7 (young people 18-16 and pensioners), €5 (children 12-18), €3 (children under 12)
A concert with one of the many waltzes by Chopin, as well as his Piano concerto no.2, the first one he wrote, in 1830 which abounds with sensual ornamentation, bewitching harmonies, and unmistakable references to Polish folk music. As for Shchedrin’s Carmen suite, this came into existence in a rather roundabout fashion, after the composer was asked for a new ballet featuring Prosper Mérimée’s fiery heroine. Shchedrin however found it impossible to think of the story without Bizet’s famous tunes going through his head, so in the end he decided to exploit the original opera, describing the process as “a creative meeting of minds”. But this was the Soviet Union in the late 60’s, and after the first performance it was banned by the authorities as “insulting to Bizet’s masterpiece”. It took Shostakovich’s intervention to get the ballet back on the approved list, and it’s since become Shchedrin’s best-known work.
CHOPIN: Waltz no. 2, op. 64 from the ballet Les Sylphides (orch.: W. Mc Dermott)
CHOPIN: Piano concerto no. 2 in F minor, op. 21
SHCHEDRIN: Carmen suite
Soloist: Vadim Palmov (piano)
Conductor: Yiorgos Kountouris
*In collaboration with the Russian Cultural Centre
Tickets: €12, €7 (young people 18-16 and pensioners), €5 (children 12-18), €3 (children under 12)
Ticket Point: Apostolos Pavlos Gymnasium
Info: 22463144 | www.cyso.org.cy