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Tuesday 04th July 2017
Sunday 30th July 2017
16:00 - 19:00
27 days/nights
Palia Ilektriki - Paphos
  Pafos Pafos
Vladimirou Irakleous, Paphos, Cyprus
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The two European Capitals of Culture have joined forces in organising this grand
exhibition dealing with death, the afterlife, and mourning. Co-organised by the
Moesgaard Museum (MoMu) in Aarhus and the Society of Cypriot Studies,
the exhibition explores the traditions and customs around death and beliefs
around the dead in Cyprus, Denmark and elsewhere. For the exhibition, the
Society of Cypriot Studies will create a special space inside the emblematic
museum in Aarhus which will present exhibits from Cyprus dating from antiquity
until the present, as well as modern works by Cypriot and Danish artists,
under the curatorship of Ditte Lyngsoe Peders, from Denmark. From Pafos,
the artists Yiannos Economou, Susan Vargas and Rinos Stefani will take part
in the exhibition.
The exhibitions that will take place both in Pafos and in Aarhus will examine
burial sites, burial customs and doctrines, objects linking us to the dead
and contemporary perceptions of the afterlife. Exhibits will be transported
to the sites from other museums and archaeological locations in Cyprus
and Copenhagen. The general curators of the exhibition in Pafos will be Dr.
Charalambos Hotzakoglou and Dr. loannis lliades of the Society of Cyprus
Studies, and of the exhibition in Aarhus Professor Ton Otto, Head of the
Ethnography Department of Moesgaard Museum. Organization supervisor:
Daniella Pistenti Mouyiannou.

A collaboration
between the European
Capitals of Culture
pafos2017 and Aarhus