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Thursday 12th October 2017
Saturday 14th October 2017
15:00 - 19:30
3 days/nights
Pafos Archaeological Park
  Pafos Kato Pafos
Archaeological Park Entrance, Paphos, Cyprus
Not Available
Pafos is a city of myths and legends. Theatres, agoras, mosaics, ancient tombs,
catacombs and churches are some of the elements of this cultural palimpsest,
with Palaipafos and New Pafos being acknowledged by the UNESCO as
World Heritage Sites. Pafos, the birthplace of Aphrodite and Capital of Cyprus
during the Hellenistic and the Roman periods, carries the imprint – one that is
both grand and tragic – of the entire history of the island. Archaeologist Claire
Balandier and her associates have compiled a series of tours and visits based
on the city’s history and local myths. The centre of these tours is Fabrica Hill
where excavations have brought to light one of the best preserved quarries of
the Hellenistic years, the theatre, the ruins of a temple, hidden worship sites
and the remnants of an aqueduct.