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Monday 07th December 2015
Monday 07th December 2015
12:00 - 22:15
1 day/night
Pano Polemidia Cultural Centre
  Lemesos Pano Polemidia
Kathleen Ruddy has given the traditional story a Cypriot twist which incorporates the Cypriot diaspora, the divided island and the longing for the Cyprus of yesteryear.
This JACK & THE BEANSTALK is the mythical tale of the laziest teenager in Hackney, Jack and his widowed mother- the widow Pantyfeather.
When Jack was a baby, his family fled the magical city of Lapithos after a great giant descended from the sky, stealing all their gold and eating all the baby boys.
Jack's mother has wrapped the well-intentioned Jack in cotton wool ever since, rendering him very, very, very lazy.
But, he longs to help his impoverished widow mother and return to the forbidden city to reclaim his family's treasures and defeat the Lapithos giant, but he must first tackle his addiction to Candy Crush...
Join Jack on his enchanted quest for love and justice from his Hackney high-rise to the bewitching waterfalls of lost Lapithos.
• The pantomime was written with the whole family in mind and is suitable for all ages. All script and songs in English.

Pano Polemidia Cultural Centre, Limassol as follows:
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