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Sunday 09th July 2017
Sunday 30th July 2017
21:00 - 23:00
22 days/nights
Paphos Ancient Odeon
  Pafos Kato Pafos
Coastal Broadwalk, Paphos, Cyprus
Not Available
This is one of the most important festivals organised in Cyprus and it offers
to the audience of Pafos performances of high aesthetic value, in addition to
a re-introduction to Ancient Greek Drama. Pafos2017 placed this institution
in its programme in 2014 with theatre groups from all over the world, building
bridges between countries and cultures, between innovation and the historical
element, the modern and the classical. The different approaches that the groups
use prove the timelessness of ancient drama.

Organized by the
Ministry of Education
and Culture, the
Cyprus Centre of
the International
Theatre Institute and
the Cyprus Tourism