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Hike / Trek
Sunday 07th January 2018
Sunday 07th January 2018
09:00 - 16:30
1 day/night
Panagia tou Sindi -> Roudias Bridge -> Panagia tou Sindi.
  Pafos Pafos
Unnamed Road, Pentalia, Cyprus
We will meet at 8am on Sunday at the Pafiakos stadium car park in Pafos. Opposite Super Home Center. From there we will get into as few cars as possible and drive to Panagia Tou Sindi monastery together. Saloon cars will also be able to go as there will be no dirt roads on the way there.


A simple day hike starting from Panagia tou Sindi and reaching Roudias Bridge and back to Panagia tou Sindi. Hiking along the river stream. Total distance of 15km.

The scenery of the area is beautiful...:)

It is a free and open event and anyone is welcome to come along...However anyone who comes, comes at their own risk is and responsible for themselves.

Difficulty Level: 3
Distance: 16km
We will be moving at an average adult pace.
Not recommended for Children

Contact Andros / Andrew on 99553043 for further details.

Panagia tou Sindi -> Roudias Bridge -> Panagia tou Sindi.

Start: 9:00am Sunday @ Panagia tou Sindi
Finish: 16:30pm Sunday maximum @ Panagia tou Sindi.

- there will 10 minutes break every 50 minutes.
- locations and times of breaks for rest and lunch will be announced on the day.
- breaks will be changed on the day according to the speed and distance we are covering.

- bring your own water for 4 hours - minimum 1 liters

- each person brings their own food and eats whenever they want.

Recommended Gear:

1. Boots for hiking or walking
2. Daypack 20 liter capacity
3. waterproof rain jacket or plastic poncho
4. 1 water bottle or camelback
5. toilet paper or baby wipes
6. Whistle

Photos of the Route:

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