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Saturday 15th October 2016
Saturday 15th October 2016
11:00 - 15:00
1 day/night
Technopolis 20 Paphos
  Pafos Pafos
Nikolaou I. Nikolaidi Ave, Paphos, Cyprus
Not Available
The Cyprus Open Studios 2016 is an annual event that affords the visitor the opportunity to interact with individual artists and artisans, who live and work in Cyprus, in their own studios.

In this first organisation that will take place in October, the artists and artisans participating are sculptors, potters, painters, glass workers, jewellers and many more talented people that have different backgrounds, origins and cultures.

The artists open their studios to welcome the public, while the galleries exhibit works for the people to enjoy and if wishes to acquire. The studios and the galleries will be opened during the first four weekends of October, from 11am to 5pm.

Technopolis 20 gallery will host eight artists during the 2nd and 3rd weekend, 15-16 and 22-23 of October. The artists that will exhibit are: Keren Bevis, Sue Calder, Emily Jane Campbell, Christine Cross, Tara Del Rey, Marina Emphietzi-Harris, Aristi Hadjisavva and Tashi Khan.

BEVIS, Keren
[email protected]
F: Keren Bevis/ Keren Maria Bevis Art
Keren paints on canvas using acrylics mostly. She also uses various other mediums depending on the subject, i.e. glitter, household paint, gold/silver-leaf (effect) metal paints, chalk, pens, etc. She always varnishes her work, sometimes to a high gloss-eff¬ect to make the colours 'pop'. Her subjects are quite diverse, and include portraits, animal portraits, abstracts, seascapes, landscapes, and more.

[email protected]
F: Sue Calder
Sue paints in oils predominantly but also uses other media such as watercolour, acrylic, and others. Her forte is portraiture and she works mainly on commissions but plays with landscapes, seascapes and nature.

CAMPBELL, Emily Jane
+44 7752985134
[email protected]
F: Emily-Jane-Campbell - Artist
Emily’s work is nostalgic and introspective and yet asks universal questions about the human condition and inevitability. Her work inhabits a hinterland between shrouded figuration and lyrical abstraction without seeking to identify itself fully with any genre; its desire is to communicate the subjective emotional experience as well as the universal. Although it is not always obvious because of her strong focus on texture and the visual quality of decay; she does not consider her paintings to be wholly abstract as they are deeply rooted in the formal qualities of the natural world and negotiate very real, often painful memories of time and place. Her work often evokes the early magic of childhood and is typified by the themes of personal loss and mourning, the inevitable decomposition in nature and the body, and the memories which are ultimately all that endure. She has become increasingly preoccupied with the dichotomy of life and decay as inseparable, as one and the same. For a lot of life the destruction of one thing is necessary for the growth and renewal of another.

CROSS, Christine
26623464/ 99957912
[email protected]
F: Christine Cross Artist
Christine is an amateur artist who took up art on her move to Cyprus in September 2003. She had lessons with Elli Lestas and Marina Emphietzi-Harris. She is still exploring many di¬fferent mediums and styles. She mostly enjoys painting people and animals. She has executed commissions to paint clients’ villas in pen and watercolour, amongst other things. She derives great pleasure from seeing an image appearing from a blank paper or canvas.

[email protected]
Tara creates intensely colourful mystical Oil Paintings which act as Portals into other benign dimensions when gazed upon in relaxed reverie. Her intensely colourful creations are informed by years of studying Symbolism and the physiological & spiritual e¬ffects of Colour in human beings. Tara has a BA in Fine Art from St Martin's College of Art & Design, London, trained in Oil Painting for many years with Abstract Painters Michael Horn & Chris Gough & has an MA in Feature Film from Goldsmith's College, University of the Arts, London.

[email protected]
Marina's work explores issues of time, life and memory. Through painting she channels life experiences into works of art. Her style and compositions show the natural forms of a real world in a semi abstract, expressionistic and/or conceptualistic way. Her work has been described as “a reflection and celebration of life in a symbolic manner.”

[email protected]
F: Aristi Hadjisavva
Aristi mainly uses oils on canvas with her favourite subjects being figurative and abstracts.

KHAN, Tashi
+44 07956703900
[email protected]
F: TashizArt/Gallery
Tashi’s work is a dialogue in contemporary times, a narrative that resonates a sense of precariousness that has come to signify our times. If anything, it challenges the sense of the immovable, the permanent. It embraces vulnerability and fragility. The focus shifts from the changes that are observable and felt, to those that are often unacknowledged and immutable, a sense that the beliefs and certainties that defined our world have changed irrevocably.

More information and a map of the different locations of all the studios and galleries can be found in the website www.cyprusopenstudios.com.