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Market - Bazaar
Tuesday 06th December 2016
Tuesday 13th December 2016
10:00 - 14:00
8 days/nights
Technopolis 20 - Paphos
  Pafos Pafos
Nikolaou I. Nikolaidi Ave, Paphos, Cyprus
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Evi Kokkinou and Lyudmyla Stefanou Kovalenko present their handmade artwork in one exhibition at Technopolis 20, just a few days before Christmas, from Tuesday, 6th of December until Tuesday, 13th of December.

Evi Kokkinou was born in Limassol and she lives in Paphos the last 36 years. She is creating handmade work the last 15 years and she is being inspired by the tradition and her everyday life. In this exhibition among the many, Evi mainly wants to present the “grandfather’s shoe lasts” and the water gourds, two objects that have their own history, tradition and use while Evi is giving them a new image and continuation.

The water gourds are now painted with acrylic paints and decorated with various symbolic figures. Regarding the “grandfather’s shoe lasts” the creator says:
"I discovered the wooden shoe lasts in the warehouse of my grandfather, the old cobbler.
Dropped, forgotten, stacked on shelves like silent witnesses of an era that nothing was simple and imported. They were wrapped with human stories, dreams and worn with love. I decided to give them a new life, to transform the lasts into artwork with as much sensitivity, colors and imagination I had at my disposal. From the cobbler’s warehouse moved to the modern seating shelves, I tried to create a bridge between yesterday and today, from 1920 to 2016. A tribute to the memory of my cobbler grandfather and to all the other forgotten cobblers of yesterday.
The lasts were given as charms in New Year to turn away the evil spirits and evil eye from the house.”

Lyudmyla Stefanou Kovalenko comes from Ukraine and she lives in Cyprus the last 16 years. In this exhibition Lyudmyla will present her notably handmade jewellery, made by leather, but also bags and scarves made of silk and wool.

If you are looking something different and special this year for your Christmas presents then visit this arts and crafts exhibition.

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday, 10:00 – 14:00
The exhibition will be also open in the afternoon, on Tuesday, 6th of December, from 6-9pm.
For information please contact us at 70002420.