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Friday 03rd March 2017
Monday 20th March 2017
09:00 - 17:00
18 days/nights
Medieval Manor House - Kouklia
  Pafos Kouklia
Νεοκλή Χαραλάμπους, Kouklia, Cyprus
Not Available
Aphrodite’s worship and relevant festivities made Pafos an attraction for pilgrims
from all over the Mediterranean. The Museum in Palaepafos houses two
large installations by artist Mary Plant which are part of a series of works on
Aphrodite which the artist started in 1996. Aphrodite’s Notes (2016) is her
most recent work, and Reconstruction of the Excavation and Discovery of
Aphrodite’s Library will be completed at the exhibition site. A collection of
books as well as flower books dedicated to the goddess will be presented in
Palaipafos where Aphrodite’s Sanctuary is located. This collection has been
compiled by the artist Mary Plant based on her work on Aphrodite, the myths
and traditions surrounding the goddess. Mary Plant after her studies has
presented many exhibitions in England, Cyprus, Ireland, France, Germany,
Russia, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Spain and the Netherlands, and her work is
found in many museums and foundations all over the world.