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Sunday 25th March 2018
Sunday 25th March 2018
11:00 - 13:00
1 day/night
Rock of Aphrodite Birthplace
  Pafos Petra tou Romiou
Pedestrian Underpass, Kouklia, Cyprus
€ 15
Come join Heleniq & I at this spectacular location in experiencing the primodial sound and divine feminine rhythm of our ancestors through the Frame Drum in a Sacred Sisterhood gathering...

Enjoy the harmonising pulse of creation with this hand-held drum known to be the world's oldest known drum. The history of this drum has been popular in religious and healing rites in the ancient Mediterranean world.

Heleniq has been trained by world renowned percussionists throughout various countries.
She is a Vipassana meditator and advanced yogi with a spectrum of interventions from professional to grassroots, as a clinician, trainer and drum performer, and recently as a Drum Shaman.

**** The Power of Sisterhood ***
Women are ‘ relational and this means they need communication and community to grow and become truthful. This truth is so important because women need to be honest with themselves to be healthy otherwise they burnout.
It creates a kind of relational capital that is like a currency, enriching the entire tribe or community and weaving everyone into powerful communion. There is alchemy possible when 3 or more gather .
When we have a witness and a reflection from others, we feel stronger. This open and intimate sharing helps us feel comfortable with our vulnerability and then we commit more to our Inner Truth which brings us Real freedom!!!

*Attendance Fee* 15 euros per person.

NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY - Drums will be provided.

Both Heleniq & I look forward to sharing this incredible journey of the healing power of the Frame drum through a Sacred Sisterhood gathering at the Aphrodite's Rock...

Photo : Courtesy of Francesca Pinnoni from a drum ceremony with author and world reknowned percussionist Layne Redmond.