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Film - Cinema
Saturday 23rd June 2018
Sunday 01st July 2018
18:00 - 18:00
9 days/nights
Old Electric Building & Attikon Cinema
  Pafos Pafos
Vladimirou Irakleous, Paphos, Cyprus
Not Available
3rd International Film Festival of Cyprus
"Golden Venus"
The organisation of the Cyprus International Film
Festival provokes artistic world interest with more
than 95 countries from six continents annually. The
festival gives a step to new talents and first-time
directors with their first short film in the "CYIFF Got
Talent" or "Proti Klaketa" and their first feature film
"Golden Venus". All other long and short films are
classified as "Veteran". Since its inception in 2006,
the festival has been promoting films by expatriate
directors with Greek roots in the category
"Nostimon Imar" and gives a new opportunity to
Greek and Cypriot directors for international
participation in festivals. Important topics
irrespective of production time are:
(a) "Women's Films" with female producer and / or
director for the "Aphrodite Cinematic Award", (b)
"50/50" films with equal numbers of men and
women, c) films about Peace. Parallel Events:
a) Group Exhibition of Photography "Myths and
Legends" with Cypriot and foreign photographers.
b) Theatrical monologue for Gregory Afxentiou in
the poetry of Yiannis Ritsos "Farewell", as part of the tribute to the Irini Festival. c) "Pegasus Cinema
Workshop" where a short film will be produced
during the festival. For further information:
Venues: Polytechnic Old Electric & Attikon Cinema
Entrance: Free