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Saturday 17th October 2015
Sunday 18th October 2015
14:00 - 18:00
2 days/nights
Sumeru Yoga Retreat Kritou Tera
  Pafos Kritou Tera
Kritou Tera - Aya Paraskevi, Kritou Tera, Cyprus
30 Euros per person from 2pm-6pm each day
Indian cookery Weekends with Neelu Sharma 10/11and 17/18 October and Weekday Yoga workshops in Paphos

Cookery workshop weekends 10/11 and 17/18 October 30 Euros per person from 2pm-6pm each day, further workshops to be announced for the months of November ,December and the new year. Flexible for weekday’s workshops for minimum of 4 persons.

(Please note: what you cook you eat on the day with a nice glass of wine.)

Also drop in Yoga & Brunch daily Monday to Friday for the month of October, November and till mid December. 10am - 12noon.

Please book in advance as places limited/ small groups. 20 Euros.

Contact Neelu for bookings.
Mobile 96318104
Email neelu8645@gmail.com