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Friday 04th September 2015
Sunday 06th September 2015
20:00 - 23:00
3 days/nights
Castle Square, Pafos Harbour
  Pafos Harbour
Coastal Broadwalk, Paphos, Cyprus
€25, €40, €50 και €7
The 17th Pafos Aphrodite Festival presents Gioachino Rossini’s popular, romantic opera La Cenerentola – Cinderella

Pafos Aphrodite Festival 2015 opens its curtain presenting the enjoyable, pleasant opera La Cenerentola (Cinderella) by the famous Italian composer Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868) on September 4, 5 and 6 at the Medieval Castle in Pafos in co-production with the French lyric organisation Ramfis Productions Avignon and the participation of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra.

Rossini’s fascinating opera La Cenerentola or ossia La bontà in trionfo (Cinderella or Goodness Triumphant) is a dramma giocoso, that is, a comic drama, in two acts based on the famous fairy tale Cendrillon (Cinderella) by Charles Perrault. The libretto was written by Jacopo Ferretti and it premiered at the Valle theatre in Rome on January 25, 1817 and since then constitutes one of the most-performed operas worldwide. The operatic version varies from the classic fairy tale of Cinderella since the element of magical intervention is removed by substituting the fairy godmother with a male character who helps the heroine go to the ball because of the kindness she has showed him, the mean step-mother is replaced by a vain step-father who dreams of rich husbands for his daughters in order to reclaim his former wealth while the prince does not recognize Cinderella by her slipper but from her bracelet. The theme of this opera relates to, teaches and enchants audiences even today since it grabbles with the timeless issues of social class separation, the desire for social climbing, wealth and glory, greediness, selfishness, wickedness and vanity which exist in our modern societies teaching us however, that goodness, virtue and spiritual nobility can prevail. Rossini and Ferreti remove the element of magical intervention in order to show that the pure heart, kindness, bravery and generosity of Cinderella are the stepping stone for her personal and social happiness.
The melodic, full of images and emotions music of the opera, characteristics of the music talent of Rossini in combination with the inspired sets and costumes of the production will carry the music loving audience to a fairy tale world where a prince can fall in love with a poor girl and where evil can be repaid with love.

For more information please contact the offices of Pafos Aphrodite Festival Cyprus in Pafos at 26822218 or visit the company’s website www.pafc.com.cy . Ticket prices are as following: €25, €40, €50 και €70.

There will be a simultaneous translation in Greek and English via subtitles.

La Cenerentola: The Plot

Italy, late 18th century

At the tower of Don Magnifico his two idle daughters Clorinda and Tisbe are trying on gowns and jewellery as opposed to their step sister Angelina, whom they call Cinderella, who serves them by doing all the housework. Alidoro, prince Ramiro’s tutor, arrives at their home disguised as a beggar. The two sisters wish to send him away but Cinderella attends to him. Then, it is announced that a royal ball is going to take place at the palace for the prince to select the most beautiful girl in the land to be his bride. Don Magnifico hopes that the prince will pick one of his daughters making his dream to become wealthy a reality.
Prince Ramiro disguises himself as his valet, Dandini, in order to observe in secret the character of the women from which he is to choose his future wife while Alidoro has informed him that at the tower of Don Magnifico there is a girl worthy to become a princess. Ramiro, disguised as a servant, meets Cinderella and they fall in love.
At the tower also arrives, the prince’s valet, Dandini, disguised as a prince so Clorinda, Tisbe and their father rash to attend on him, while he invites them to the ball. Cinderella pleads that she is allowed to go to the ball too but in vain. Alidoro, reveals Cinderella his true identity and promises to take her to the ball. At the ball Ramiro asks Cinderella to marry him. Cinderella gives him a bracelet and tells him that if he searches for her and finds her then she will marry him.